How leave-in conditioner is great for your hair

How leave-in conditioner is great for your hair

Posted July 19th, 2018

Hello Naturals

Before I go any further, I have to confess that I love leave-in conditioner. It has done wonders for my hair angel and has lead me to love it with absolute love. I have 4c, highly porous hair and it tends to get dry very easily. In winter, the dryness is worse and I can hear my hair crackling like a dry winter leaf. This is naturally devastating as I want to grow my hair and retain each inch of length that grows out of my scalp. Comes in the leave-in conditioner to the rescue. As I use the Brownchild leave-in conditioner, I'll talk more about it. Brownchild's leave-in conditioner's major component is water(aqua). This means that it has excellent hydrating qualitites and quenches my dry prone hair. It also contains Aloe Vera, coconut oil and Avocado oil whose combination is magic. After applying the leave-in conditioner my hair is immediately moist and this can last the whole day. The leave-in conditioner also makes my hair immediately soft and so I can use it as a detangler as well. I appreciate how soft it makes my hair because some people might not be aware by when our hair is dry it also tends to be hard and so very painful to manage or comb so the way my hair becomes soft after applying Brownchild is heavenly sent.

Ok, I have raved enough about my love for leave-in conditioner and so I'll list the benefits of this products for you

1. Moisturizes dry hair

The leave-in conditioner has properties to penetrate hair shafts and infuse moisture in the hair giving it a healthy shine

2. Increases hair growth

Because a leave-in conditioner mositurizes hair, it reduces the hair's propensity to break and so you can retain length and grow your hair. The avocado oil in Brownchild's leave-in conditioner also treats the scalp making it healthy and conducive for hair growth

3. Detangles and softens hair

Leave-in conditioner softens hair and makes it easy to detangle

4. Strenghtens your hair

Because of the moisturising effect, your hair is left stronger as a result of the properties this wonder product has to close hair cuticles and thus strengrhen hair.

I hope after this you'll be convinced to try out the leave-in conditioner and see what magic it can do for your hair. I hope you'll also use the take heed of its great benefits and make it your daily staple.

Happy frooing!!!

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