Conditioner, conditioner, our hair 's life line

Conditioner, conditioner, our hair 's life line

Posted March 21st, 2017

Hello Brownchild


During my day to day business as I promote Brownchild and its AMAZING hair care range, I come across various questions. Some people ask " what ingredients does your product contain?" others will ask " How do they work together?" and other will ask "Do I need the conditioner?" I know during cost cutting measures and saving on the budget, the conditioner will be the first to go on your shopping list, but I hope after reading this article, you'll reconsider ever removing conditioner from your shopping list or even your wash day routine.


Why condition?


To condition means to bring something into its proper state. During your wash day process applying shampoo cleanses your hair and scalp of the products we apply daily. This process also raises your hair cuticles leaving them standing off from the hair shaft. When your hair cuticles are away from your hair shaft, it easily exposes the hair to natural elements, making hair more vulnerable and easy to damage and breaking off. Applying conditioner restores your cuticles to their natural position, laying on the hair shaft and closed. This makes hair strands stronger and more resistant to harsh manipulation, heating or natural elements.


Conditioner benefits and when to use one...


A hair conditioner provides protection for your hair strands. It sure does make the hair soft and so enables easy styling and combing(no more ouch!!!) now that hair is soft, it can easily be detangled. conditioning adds moisture to the hair and so goodbye frizz and dryness provided to add daily moisturizing to our hair routine. Conditioning also adds elasticity to your hair as well as shine, glow, that healthy look we often envy in people's curls.


When to apply conditioners?


After every wash. You can even co-wash your hair every week to maintain the elasticity.



Happy Conditioning!!!